The Canine Nervous System and Its Role In Rehabilitation

A New Perspective on Canine Rehabilitation

Are you struggling to find enough ways to help your own or your clients dogs challenging rehabilitation issues?

If we utilise the 8 sensory input systems of the body and supply them with the right ingredients we can change our dogs from the inside out. 

Learning the somatic approach to rehabilitation will free you from relying on ever more complicated training plans which leave you and your clients feeling exhausted and defeated.

This programme takes you on a sensory tour from the tip of the dog's nose to their gut microbiome and discusses subjects such as sensory processing disorders and somatic experiencing to expand your thinking beyond the usual brain focused approaches to rehabilitation and more towards the somatic approach.

Course Curriculum

Julie Moss

Julie Moss is a Canine Behaviour Practitioner, Veterinary Physiotherapist and TTouch Practitioner at Canine Mind and Body Balance.

She has a BSc. Hons. Degree in Animal Welfare and Behaviour, an Advanced Certificate in Veterinary Physiotherapy, a Diploma in Animal Physiotherapy and is a P1 TTouch Practitioner.

Julie is a member of the TTouch Guild in the British Isles.

She has been living with dogs for 32 years and has been working with them for 17 years.

One of her proudest achievements is building the Canine Mind and Body Balance centre and the development of integrative therapy there. .

Julie specialises in identifying underlying physical causes of behaviour problems in dogs. Upwards of 80% of her behaviour cases over the last 3 years have had an underlying musculoskeletal problem causing pain or dysfunction to the dog.

She currently lives with just one dog called Jake, who is an interesting mix of Border Collie and possibly Greyhound.

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