Everything you need to live happily with your adolescent dog

Tame your adolescent TeenWoof!

What Is Special About Adolescence?

You got your new puppy and things went pretty well.

Then they hit 6 months of age and things went a little bit sideways....

The adolescent development stage of dogs starts around 6 months of age and lasts until around 2 years of age. It is a time when your pup goes through many changes on the way to adulthood and this can mean they don't always behave as you would wish.

The good news is that it will pass. The not so good news is that whatever they are practicing now will likely become a habit for many years to come so it is important to make sure they are learning the things you want them to practice the most.

How Will it Help You?

Instead of hating walks and dreading guests coming to visit you can teach your dog a new way to behave in those situations where they usually embarrass and frustrate you.

Starting from TODAY you can feel empowered and in control of anything that comes your way.

What you learn and what your young dog learns


You - how to build your dog's confidence 

Dog - how to feel less anxious about making good choices


You -how to increase your dog's ability to concentrate

Dog - how to listen and take instruction without feeling overwhelmed


You - how to safely occupy your dog and help them calm down

Dog - how to settle down and relax with something they find easy and fun.


You - get SAFE and CORRECT advice from an expert first time, every time.

Dog - you are the best teacher they ever had and they want to learn more


You -build a bond with your dog and improve your relationship

Dog - you are the person they can depend upon for fun and safety

Video Vault

TheTeenWoof programme gives you access to over 100 tutorial videos.

The tutorials are all bitesize and every exercise is clearly explained. You also have free access to the app version of the course so you can watch and learn anywhere.

The videos, journals and handouts will always be there to remind you how to do the exercises so you never need to struggle to remember what you were shown to do.

Try This!

What Is In The Course?

Extensive Online Video Vault

Professional videos giving you expert knowledge and guiding you through the training exercises step by step. 

Free App Version

Option to access the app version free of charge as an added learning resource. You can download then learn on the go anywhere, anytime.

Journals and Handouts

You get journals to download to keep all the important information in one place. There are also training trackers to help you see your progress. 

There are two levels in the  the TeenWoof Complete Programme

TeenWoof Starter Kit

The perfect place to start if you haven't done the Happy Pup Blueprint


TeenWoof Superskills

Only available separately on completion of TeenWoof Starter Kit or Happy Pup Blueprint


Also available as separate advanced mini-courses or free with the TeenWoof Complete Programme.

Start Today!

TeenWoof starter kit


  • Teenwoof Starter Kit Course
  • Handouts and Starter Kit Journal
  • Extensive Starter Kit Video Vault
  • Bonus Free Acess To The App Version

teenwoof complete programme


  • Teenwoof Starter Kit and Superskills Courses
  • Handouts, Starter Kit and Superskills Journals
  • Extensive Complete Video Vault
  • Bonus Free Access To The App Version
  • Bonus Free Access to Supercharge Your Recall Mini Course
  • Bonus Free Access to Recipe For Happy Walks Mini Course
  • Bonus Free Access to Fun and Enrichment Mini Course