Quickstart Puppy Training Course

Pain Relief for New Puppy Owners

You're stuck in lockdown - again

Your puppy has turned into a land shark

Your house has stains and holes everywhere.......

...and there are no training classes for another 6 WEEKS!!!

Don't Despair!
We've got you covered.
That long lie-in that you've been desperate for is just around the corner.

What do you get?

10 high quality videos showing you how to begin to tackle many of the common problems faced by new puppy owners, including:

* How to keep your puppy occupied
* How to avoid future problems
* Simple basic training exercises
* Ways to establish a daily routine

Watch a sneak free preview here

If you love the course and want to learn more with us we can deduct the payment from this course off either our 4 or 8 week Happy Pup Blueprint online live class programmes when you sign up for them.

Course Pricing

  • Single Payment
  • £10

    Lifetime access to the Quickstart Puppy Training Course

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