Happy Pup Blueprint


Everything you need to have fun raising a well mannered puppy.

The First Steps to having the adult dog you always wanted!

Why bother with puppy training?

You have your new puppy and you have so many exciting plans.

So now let's make sure you get to experience ALL those great adventures by putting in place some excellent foundations.

During the first year of your puppy's life you can shape their future and yours by having the right knowledge, skills and expert guidance to steer them towards a stress free adulthood.

Having a step by step plan of action with your puppy through all the key life stages will enable you to avoid all those nightmare problems you have read about or previously experienced.

How Will it Help You?

Instead of feeling overwhelmed and in constant chaos you will be able to calmly and confidently stay in control of the roller coaster ride that getting a new puppy can put you on.

Starting from TODAY you can feel empowered and in control of anything that comes your way.

What you learn and what your puppy learns

Prevent Problems

You - how to prevent chewing, biting, jumping up and separation anxiety

Pup - how to make good choices and be happy when left alone


You -how to safely socialise your puppy no matter what the situation

Pup - how to feel safe and secure in the world when exploring it with you

Out of Mischief

You - how to safely occupy your puppy when you need some time for YOU!

Pup - how to settle down and relax with something they find easy and fun.

Be a Dog Expert

You - get SAFE and CORRECT advice from an expert first time, every time.

Pup - you are the best person to look to whenever they feel they need help

Pup School

You -how to teach your pup key behaviours they will remember for life

Pup - how to listen to you and learn, so they always know what to do and how.

Video Vault

The Happy Pup Blueprint Level 1 gives you access to 50 tutorial videos in total.

New video content is released every week prior to the next live online class where you will be guided through each exercise in the comfort of your own home.

The videos and handouts will be there to remind you how to do the exercises inbetween the classes so you never need to struggle or fall behind.

Try This!

What Is In The Course?

Extensive Online Video Vault

Professional videos giving you expert knowledge and guiding you through the training exercises step by step. You will retain access to the videos for the life.

Free App Version

Option to access the app version free of charge as an added learning resource. You can download then learn on the go anywhere, anytime.

Journals and Handouts

You get journals to download to keep all the important information in one place. there are also training trackers to help you see your progress. 

There are two levels in the  the Happy Blueprint Programme

Happy Pup Pre-School

The perfect place to start if you haven't done the Happy Pup Blueprint


Happy Pup Superskills

Only available separately on completion of TeenWoof Starter Kit or Happy Pup Blueprint


Start Today!

happy pup pre-school


  • Happy Pup Pre-School
  • Handouts and Pre-School Journal
  • Extensive Pre-School Video Vault
  • Bonus Free Acess To The App Version

happy pup blueprint


  • Happy Pup Pre-School and Superskills Courses
  • Handouts, Pre-School and Superskills Journals
  • Extensive Complete Video Vault
  • Bonus Free Access To The App Version
  • Option to go straight to TeenWoof Superskills on completion without doing Teenwoof Starter Kit first.