Hairy Hooligans

The complete guide to living and coping with a reactive dog

 Your first steps towards having a calm dog are right here!

How do you cope with a reactive dog?

Living with a reactive dog can feel soul destroying. Walks are something you prepare for as if you are about to go into battle. Having visitors is no longer a pleasure and you spend much of your time keeping your dog separate from any social activities in your life and apologising for their embarrassing behaviour.

And that's not what you planned when you got your dog.
You imagined long and lovely walks, sitting on a park bench or outside a cafe having a chat with other people while your dog plays happily with their dog.

How nice would it be to go for a walk without the Mission Impossible music playing as a soundtrack in your head or go and answer the door without trying to get there past a frantic dog?

How Will it Help You?

Instead of feeling overwhelmed and dispirited about your dog's behaviour you will start to feel capable of influencing it postively and making progress.

Start to feel empowered and in control of anything that comes your way.

What you will learn

Understanding reactivity

Why your dog is acting the way they do. What causes the behaviour and why.

How can you help?

Taking care of your own reactions and habits can play a big part in changing how your dog feels.

Understanding your dog

Recognise the early signs of your dog being unable to cope and know how to head off a bad situation.

A new start

Start a new life with your dog from day one of the course. Leave behind things causing problems and discover new ways to go forward.

Set up for success

Know how to prepare yourself and your dog to have the best outcome in any situation with simple training exercises and strategies.

Video Vault

The Hairy Hooligan course gives you access to over 100 tutorial videos in total.

New video content is released every week prior to the next live online class where you will be guided through each exercise in the comfort of your own home.

The videos and handouts will be there to remind you how to do the exercises inbetween the classes so you never need to struggle or feel behind.


Right now you are probably thinking that online training doesn't work and that a trainer needs to see your dog at their worst in order to understand the problem and be physically at your side to solve it.

BUT that wouldn't really help at all. The last thing you or your reactive dog needs is to have a stranger walking into their lives creating another layer of stress. It doesn't work on a walk and it doesn't work when a dog won't let a trainer in the house or won't settle whilst they are there.

The idea is that you get to learn what to do then choose the best time for you and when your dog is most receptive and able to cope. You can then peacefully practice with full attention on each other, which means you and your dog get to enjoy a positive experience without the usual stressors.

You can take your time and not have to try to cram all the learning into a one hour appointment and then try to remember it all afterwards. After the course you may be in a better position to do more in-person training with a better chance of success in less sessions.

A Complete Guide at your Fingertips

All the information you need in one place. No searching online in lots of different places and getting lots of conflicting advice that doesn't make sense.


Relaxed Environment

No need to juggle an upset dog AND try to pay attention in class.
Practice at a time that best suits you and your dog to maximise your success.


Watch Over and Over

If you can't remember everything from the live class you can watch the recording again later plus all the tutorial videos to help you refresh your memory and fine tune your skills.



Get Feedback Between Classes

Use the Q&A classes to get answers to your questions and the online community to give support with other like-minded people.


How Is The Course Delivered?

Extensive Online Video Vault

Each week you will access a new set of professional videos giving you expert knowledge and guiding you through the  exercises step by step. You will retain access to the videos for the duration of the course.

Weekly Live Online Classes

There are weekly hour long online training classes where you can relax and take in the information then practice with your dog at a time that works better for you.
there are also weekly Q&A classes where you can ask questions about anything you need more information on.

Guides, handouts and feedback

You will receive handouts, workbooks,  to give you quick reference materials whenever you need them and there will be diaries and a workbook to download and complete to help keep important information where you need it.
There will be also be access to an online community.

Course starts 17th January 2022. Times and dates of classes are in the Welcome section of the curriculum below

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