Health In A Bowl

Canine Nutrition Advisory Kit for Trainers

All the knowledge and resources you need to advise your clients about canine nutrition

Why do you need it?

Over the last decade the subject of what dogs should eat has become a hot topic. There is now access to huge amounts of information from many different opinions.

Not only is it confusing for dog owners but it can also be confusing for dog professionals. There is so much information it can feel overwhelming, and when you try to organise that wealth of information into something your client understands you can sometimes doubt your confidence and ability to do a good job and risk confusing them evem more.

It is great that people are taking notice of what dogs eat but there is a lot of innacurate advice being given to clients so professionals who know their stuff are worth their weight.

It was a trainer who gave me accurate and invaluable advice 20 years ago when I was a novice pet parent and I will always be grateful for that advice when nobody else was able to give it.

It also led me to want to be the trainer who was happy to advise in that area and I have done so ever since.

Add value  in your canine profession by helping these dogs to live much better lives!

Why Does It Matter?

There are billions of cells in a dog's body and they all need the right environment to function well. If they don't get to function well then we see health problems occurring. However, because the cells work so hard to maintain health, problems can exist at a low sub-clinical level for a long time without anyone being aware.

These cells are maintained well when all five aspects of good health are supported and one of them is the food we give our dogs. We have all heard the phrase 'You are what you eat'  and this is perfectly true although it might be more accurate to say that 'What you eat today influences who you become later'.

If those body cells are not getting good supplies of all the nutrients they need AND the right conditions to make use of them then health will suffer. This can include mental and emotional health, premature ageing, aches and pains, chronic conditions, skin problems and much more. 

What Will You Get?

The resources are in two parts. Those to educate you and those to educate your clients

Trainer Education Videos and Resources

A series of educational videos take you as the professional through the basic principles of nutrition, food manufacture and processing, the microbiome, health and wellness. You will have the correct information to feel confident in advising your clients and steering them to better choices.

Client Education Resources

A second set of resources are included for you to effectively deliver your information to your clients. Videos and master classes can be created from presentation templates which break down the information into bite-size chunks. 

Quizzes for You and Your Clients

There is a quiz after every education module and when you complete them all you will receive a certificate of completion. You can also set your clients simple challenges to help them implement the advice in their daily routines

Course Curriculum - so far!

Who am I?

Julie Moss

BSc. Hons, AdvCert.VPhys., Dip.APhys

Founder and owner of Canine Mind and Body Balance and Somadog

I started officially working as a Canine Behaviour Practitioner in 2005. I then went on to become a TTouch Practitioner in 2007 and then a Veterinary Physiotherapist in 2013. I am currently studying Canine (and Human) Nutrition.

My blend of physical and behavioural work opens up many options for my work with troubled dogs. It has taught me to hone my observation skills and be able to practice looking at the details in the way our dogs move and interact with their world. These details can give us clues and great insight into hidden and underlying reasons for the problems we see on the surface.

In addition to looking for musculoskeletal pain signs, one of the best ways we can set dogs up for a happier life is to address their deeper cellular health via nutrition. Many pain problems are made worse or caused by an innapropriate diet and my first step with behaviour or physio clients is always to address the diet as step number one as part of a comprehensive whole body experience to happiness!

Who am I?

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